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Vortrag: Accidental Ménage à trois and more!

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the newest technical innovation to the sex trade is teledildonics - internet connected sex toys. with new technology comes new security concerns. i personally have found a number of alarming security vulnerabilities with the most popular devices and i will describe what they are and how i found them.

inspired by the recent wevibe lawsuit i have been tinkering with various internet-connected sex toys. though there are others doing similar research i've found a number of security vulnerabilities that i believe i'm the first to find. i realize there isn't much time but i'm scrambling to put together a talk (which should be done by end of next week) with all the details!

there are many many issues that span from things like simple protocol security issues, to issues arising from integration with their websites, to issues in the mobile apps. the result is an attacker can do things as benign as watching anonymous device movement data in real time to actually taking part in realtime video! basically the industry is a mess and people are buying these things not realizing the security implications!


Tag: 24.07.2017
Anfang: 13:30 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: Tribüne #tr
Track: Vortrag
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