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Podiumsdiskussion: Hacking in China

What China has to offer


I have been to China for a month or more each year since 2003 to manufacture TV-B-Gone, give workshops, and give talks about hackerspaces, education, and economic development. My annual Hacker Trips To China share what China has to offer. In this talk I offer a peak at this, showing resources China may have to offer you.

China is a fascinating place with culture spanning more than 2 millennia. The information we're presented in the West about this culture is scant an inaccurate. Over the past 13 years, going to China a month or more each year, I've gained my own perspectives on what China is about and what China has to offer. It's a lot! In this talk I will share a brief overview of my experiences -- the good and the bad -- and along the way show how you can benefit from what China has to offer.


Tag: 23.07.2017
Anfang: 15:00 Uhr
Dauer: 01:00
Raum: Tribüne #tr
Track: Vortrag
Sprache: en


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