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Workshop: Wax on - wax off I

Entry level Aikido self-defense (Treffpunkt: Dojo)

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Aikido is a purely defensive martial arts. We will do some warm-up and stretching and slowly sneak in techniques.

Aikido is a peaceful Japanese martial arts. The attack is blocked but the attacker is not harmed. It is more based on dirty tricks (joint locks, ...) than on physical superiority (strength, speed). Making it attractive for hackers.

It does _not_ involve kicks to the head or jumping around like crazy, so no extreme fitness is required.

Bring comfy training clothes that can get dirty (it is unlikely they will, but you have been warned).


Tag: 21.07.2017
Anfang: 16:30 Uhr
Dauer: 01:30
Raum: Draussen #dr
Track: Spiel und Sport
Sprache: en


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