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Workshop: Intro to OpenJSCAD

CAD for programmers - Creating 3D objects with JavaScript

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OpenJSCAD is a script-only 3D CAD software, inspired by the similar OpenSCAD.
All manipulation of the 3D object is done through code, not through an user interface.

OpenJSCAD is, of course, Free Software and runs directly in the browser:

The workshop will be split in two parts.
First I'll give a bit of a tutorial where I'll be explaining the basic concepts of OpenJSCAD.
In the second part, I'll be around to help you while you work on your own ideas.

In preparation for this workshop, I suggest you try to come up with a small project for a 3D object you'd like to build using OpenJSCAD.

Skills required: It helps if you can program, but it's not strictly necessary, I think.


Tag: 22.07.2017
Anfang: 12:30 Uhr
Dauer: 02:00
Raum: Hackcenter #hc
Track: Workshop
Sprache: de



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