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Workshop: Coreboot your device


We will build and flash coreboot for your device.
coreboot is an open source firmware (mostly) for x86 and amd64. If you want your device to run only free software, coreboot is your choice, and it already offers to clean your management engine. If you're annoyed by your vendor's firmware taking forever, use coreboot and get your linux kernel after < 500 ms.

Check your x86/amd64 devices for coreboot compatibiliy on the write me an email with your device's model , so I can doublecheck wether coreboot is supported and that we have the right tools for flashing. If you bring tools, please tell me which. In many cases we will need to disassemble your device, don't be afraid of this.
We will build coreboot for your device, either on your or my machine. If you want to build on your machine, make sure you have the dependencies for building the linux kernel. Of course, bringing coreboot already built is another possibility.
In a second step, we'll flash your coreboot binary to your board. This should leave you with a working coreboot device.

Flashing your mainboards firmware is always a bit risky. The risk is all yours - I don't provide any warranty. You should definitely have a backup of your data and or your device, if it is one you need.


Tag: 23.07.2017
Anfang: 14:00 Uhr
Dauer: 03:00
Raum: Hackcenter #hc
Track: Workshop


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